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Down time…

15 Jul

What do you do at the service center while waiting for your car to be repaired? Do your Sketchbook Skool homework, and draw the kitchenette…

Next time you find yourself having to wait,  draw something, write a poem or a song, or a story. Do something creative and the time will fly. This week my homework this week was to “draw your kitchen.”  Mine’s a mess, so I borrowed this one.  Give it a whirl. Draw YOUR kitchen, or use your kitchen as a writing prompt.


Getting unstuck…

30 Jun

My week 6-28-16

Painting my week…making mini books, painting the sky, the sea, organizing computer files, dealing with a road-construction detour, upgrading to Windows 10 and rearranging some bookcases.


Recently I found myself stuck… I wasn’t blogging, wasn’t sure what to blog about. I wasn’t doing much art, wasn’t working in my journals or sketchbooks and wasn’t sure what to do about that either.   When that happens one of the best things to do is to take a class, to sit on the other side of the desk for a change. This time I went to class online, and am happily attending The Sketchbook Skool ( . I’m having the best time… I’m challenging myself, getting back into watercolors, colored pencils, drawing outside, journaling about my art and sharing my work and my insecurities with my classmates…and getting a lot of positive feedback.  One of my favorite assignments was painting my week.  If you’re feeling stuck take a class, online or off, and in the meantime grab a sketchbook and paint or draw your week. — Michele

Over the moon…

12 Mar
Pink sky march 2016

Neon pink sky…

The sky was pink
And so in a blink
I grabbed my camera
There was no time to think
The picture does no justice
It doesn’t quite show
The exquisite sky colors
The brightness, the glow
So go get your camera
And shoot something neat
Right in front of your eyes
Or even at your feet
Paste it in your journal
And use it to inspire
A poem or a writing
Before you retire.
If not today
Then tomorrow or soon
Just do it, I say,
You’ll feel over the moon.

Life Lessons…

23 Feb

45 Lessons Life Has Taught Me, written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Ohio.  These are wonderful lessons, and make interesting journaling prompts. Write your own list of “Lessons Life Has Taught Me,”  or choose one of Regina Brett’s lessons that moves you and write about that.

45 Lessons Life Has Taught Me


40 lessons

Repeat after me…

13 Feb
Repeating girls

My cirle of friends…

Its interesting to experiment with repetition, of words or images, in your journal. On this page I began with a rubber stamp called “Girl Frolic” and stamped it reapeatedly in a cirle. I will use this as a journal prompt and perhaps write about ” My cirle of friends” or the power of sitting and writing in a cirle, as we often do, in my journal workshops. Rubber stamps can be stamped repeatedly to make a pattern on a page.  Words can be repeated to make an interesting journal prompt:

If only…

If only….

If only…

Prompt: Try some repetition in your journal this week and see where it leads you.



Six Word Memoirs…

12 Jan
I’m currently facilitating a Jewish Journaling Workshop at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County in Freehold, NJ.  Today I introduced the group to the book and website   where you write your life story in 6 words.  We had a great time with this.   Today I wrote “Me, myself, wife and grandma twice.”  There is also a section to write 6 words about Jewish Life which fit in very well to the topics covered in our workshop.  I wrote “Lost and found my Jewish Heritage.”  You can also submit your 6 work memoirs online, and I did.   I encourage you to write your 6 word memoirs, and submit them on the site.  You’ll enjoy reading all the others, they are fascinating, moving, fun and even a bit outrageous. My six words of advice:  Be brave and go for it.