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Rock Crayons Rock!

9 Feb

I found my long lost “rock crayons” (see bottom right corner) and forgot how much fun they were. They look like rocks but work like crayons.  I’ve been playing with lettering and calligraphy again and had to try the crayons. Not their best use I must say, but my grandaughter, Tali, and I had a good time using them along with some stickers and drawing.  You can use the side of small bits of crayons to experiment with lettering and drawing.


The letter K…

15 Jan
Letter K
K is for “knewbie”

I’m practicing calligraphy

with pen and ink and brush,

I find I have to take my time

Can’t  do it in a rush.


“The others are so much better,”

My inner critic shouts

“Oh hush,” I say right back to her

“I need not hear your doubts.”


The challenge is on Instagram

You post a letter a day


Today the letter was K.