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A new mini museum

8 Mar

I’m enjoying a shared art journal with my OLD college roommate…we’re having a great time working on pages, and mailing the journal back and forth. It’s really fun to see what she added, and it’s exciting to see how she responds to what I send.  Here is a mini-museum page I started.  I can’t wait to see what she’ll add…This is a change from the monochromatic MMMOMA (Michele’s Mini Museum of Modern Art) pages I usually do. (See them in a previous post.)   Your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to do a mini-museum page of your own in your sketchbook or art journal. M & L mini museum


Repeat after me…

13 Feb
Repeating girls

My cirle of friends…

Its interesting to experiment with repetition, of words or images, in your journal. On this page I began with a rubber stamp called “Girl Frolic” and stamped it reapeatedly in a cirle. I will use this as a journal prompt and perhaps write about ” My cirle of friends” or the power of sitting and writing in a cirle, as we often do, in my journal workshops. Rubber stamps can be stamped repeatedly to make a pattern on a page.  Words can be repeated to make an interesting journal prompt:

If only…

If only….

If only…

Prompt: Try some repetition in your journal this week and see where it leads you.



Coloring book DIY…

27 Jan

Coloring books for adults have absolutely taken over the bookstore shelves. Who would have believed it…and how come didn’t I think of that?  Why not doodle your own coloring book page. Make it as intricate or simple as you like, and have fun along the way.  All you need is a blank sheet of paper, a black pen or marker and some colored pencils.

blue flower coloring page

Do it yourself coloring page…


7 Jan

Michele’s Mini Museum of Modern Art

I divided my sketchbook pages into small sections and used each one as a mini canvas.  A Flair pen was quick and easy to sketch with, and a wet brush over the lines added an interesting and forgiving touch.  I’ve done a number of these pages and they sure are fun.  I don’t always finish a page in one sitting, but do a sketch here and there when I have a few moments. Sometimes I’ll do a page with a theme. Anyone can do this. It’s fun and it’s easy.  Try creating your own mini museum page and let me know how it goes.


Word “Press” Page…

2 Jan

You don’t have to complete a page when you start it. Sometimes I’ll go back into a page many times before I decide its complete, and then years later I’ll come across it and add something new.  This page is “in the works” … I looked for words that I liked, things that interested me etc., and pasted them down wherever they seemed to fit.  Art Joural Prompt: Try your own Word “Press” Page…just cut ’em out, add some glue, and press.


P.S:  I may decide to write/journal around the words, or I may add more words to fill the page. It’s very freeing and comforting not to have any agenda, rules or expectations.

word page

My word “press” page…in progress.

Adding color…

16 Dec

Its important to add color to your life wherever you can. I met this adorable pup enjoying a spring like day outside at a local Starbucks. How can you add some color to your life today?IMG_20151215_200950

Let’s face it…

5 Dec


Drawing, painting, or sketching faces is always a challenge for me,  but it’s something I really wanted to do, so here are a few more from my “face-a-day” challenge.  I hope posting them will motivate me to keep drawing, sketching and painting them.  My challenge for you:  look in a mirror and draw a self portrait without looking at the paper or moving the pencil/marker off the page.

FAD Israeli

This was painted over two pages in one of my art journals which is why you see the vertical line.  Below are some quick, easy and fun people-watching sketches.