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Over the moon…

12 Mar
Pink sky march 2016

Neon pink sky…

The sky was pink
And so in a blink
I grabbed my camera
There was no time to think
The picture does no justice
It doesn’t quite show
The exquisite sky colors
The brightness, the glow
So go get your camera
And shoot something neat
Right in front of your eyes
Or even at your feet
Paste it in your journal
And use it to inspire
A poem or a writing
Before you retire.
If not today
Then tomorrow or soon
Just do it, I say,
You’ll feel over the moon.

A new mini museum

8 Mar

I’m enjoying a shared art journal with my OLD college roommate…we’re having a great time working on pages, and mailing the journal back and forth. It’s really fun to see what she added, and it’s exciting to see how she responds to what I send.  Here is a mini-museum page I started.  I can’t wait to see what she’ll add…This is a change from the monochromatic MMMOMA (Michele’s Mini Museum of Modern Art) pages I usually do. (See them in a previous post.)   Your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to do a mini-museum page of your own in your sketchbook or art journal. M & L mini museum