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Life Lessons…

23 Feb

45 Lessons Life Has Taught Me, written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Ohio.  These are wonderful lessons, and make interesting journaling prompts. Write your own list of “Lessons Life Has Taught Me,”  or choose one of Regina Brett’s lessons that moves you and write about that.

45 Lessons Life Has Taught Me


40 lessons


Words Like a String of Pearls

16 Feb

I loved this. I’m a quote collector (but not a quote rememberer.)


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Source: Words Like a String of Pearls

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Words Like a String of Pearls

16 Feb

poetry | poems | writing poetry | creativity coaching |

Source: Words Like a String of Pearls

Repeat after me…

13 Feb
Repeating girls

My cirle of friends…

Its interesting to experiment with repetition, of words or images, in your journal. On this page I began with a rubber stamp called “Girl Frolic” and stamped it reapeatedly in a cirle. I will use this as a journal prompt and perhaps write about ” My cirle of friends” or the power of sitting and writing in a cirle, as we often do, in my journal workshops. Rubber stamps can be stamped repeatedly to make a pattern on a page.  Words can be repeated to make an interesting journal prompt:

If only…

If only….

If only…

Prompt: Try some repetition in your journal this week and see where it leads you.



Rock Crayons Rock!

9 Feb

I found my long lost “rock crayons” (see bottom right corner) and forgot how much fun they were. They look like rocks but work like crayons.  I’ve been playing with lettering and calligraphy again and had to try the crayons. Not their best use I must say, but my grandaughter, Tali, and I had a good time using them along with some stickers and drawing.  You can use the side of small bits of crayons to experiment with lettering and drawing.

Fruit & Flowers by Duk Soon Fwhang

1 Feb

Watermelon Peony Recent paintings 2009-2010

Source: Fruit & Flowers by Duk Soon Fwhang

I love this painting of Watermelon. Makes me want to get back to my Chinese Brush Painting.