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Coloring book DIY…

27 Jan

Coloring books for adults have absolutely taken over the bookstore shelves. Who would have believed it…and how come didn’t I think of that?  Why not doodle your own coloring book page. Make it as intricate or simple as you like, and have fun along the way.  All you need is a blank sheet of paper, a black pen or marker and some colored pencils.

blue flower coloring page

Do it yourself coloring page…


The letter K…

15 Jan
Letter K
K is for “knewbie”

I’m practicing calligraphy

with pen and ink and brush,

I find I have to take my time

Can’t  do it in a rush.


“The others are so much better,”

My inner critic shouts

“Oh hush,” I say right back to her

“I need not hear your doubts.”


The challenge is on Instagram

You post a letter a day


Today the letter was K.




Six Word Memoirs…

12 Jan
I’m currently facilitating a Jewish Journaling Workshop at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County in Freehold, NJ.  Today I introduced the group to the book and website   where you write your life story in 6 words.  We had a great time with this.   Today I wrote “Me, myself, wife and grandma twice.”  There is also a section to write 6 words about Jewish Life which fit in very well to the topics covered in our workshop.  I wrote “Lost and found my Jewish Heritage.”  You can also submit your 6 work memoirs online, and I did.   I encourage you to write your 6 word memoirs, and submit them on the site.  You’ll enjoy reading all the others, they are fascinating, moving, fun and even a bit outrageous. My six words of advice:  Be brave and go for it.


7 Jan

Michele’s Mini Museum of Modern Art

I divided my sketchbook pages into small sections and used each one as a mini canvas.  A Flair pen was quick and easy to sketch with, and a wet brush over the lines added an interesting and forgiving touch.  I’ve done a number of these pages and they sure are fun.  I don’t always finish a page in one sitting, but do a sketch here and there when I have a few moments. Sometimes I’ll do a page with a theme. Anyone can do this. It’s fun and it’s easy.  Try creating your own mini museum page and let me know how it goes.


Word “Press” Page…

2 Jan

You don’t have to complete a page when you start it. Sometimes I’ll go back into a page many times before I decide its complete, and then years later I’ll come across it and add something new.  This page is “in the works” … I looked for words that I liked, things that interested me etc., and pasted them down wherever they seemed to fit.  Art Joural Prompt: Try your own Word “Press” Page…just cut ’em out, add some glue, and press.


P.S:  I may decide to write/journal around the words, or I may add more words to fill the page. It’s very freeing and comforting not to have any agenda, rules or expectations.

word page

My word “press” page…in progress.