Composition book journals

24 Dec

A picture and a poem about my composition book journals.  I hope this will inspire you to cover and create your own composition book journal.


3 composition book journals

3 of my favorite composition book journals.  

You start with a composition book

the black and white marbled kind

or any other notebook,

whatever you can find.

Then decorate the cover,

make it fancy, make it bright.

Make it neat or make it messy

however you do it will be right.

The important thing is to make it yours

tis simply for your pleasure

so  silence your inner critic

and you’ll surely create a treasure.

Then start right in on pages

with colors and papers and stuff.

If you find them a bit too flimsy

glue some together to make them tough.

I like to create borders

with markers or collage

and clip, snip, paint, and paste and glue

ephemera in a barrage.

Doodle and draw to your heart’s content

erase the stress of the day.

Vent or rage or hope and dream

you can even pray.

Your journal can be your own best friend

its always there for you

So don’t forget to spend time with it

You’ll be happy whenever you do.




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