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Art journal page…in progress

29 Dec

This page started as a painted, stained background page. From time to time I’d add something to it.  Stenciled patterns, bubble wrap prints, paint drips, flower doodles.  Today I painted in the flowers, sketched a vase and added some notes about my day.  I may paint the vase, or write some more inside it.  Or maybe I’ll just let it be. Sometimes I let the pages decide…

Prompt: Find an old piece of art or a sketchbook page, or a journal page you may have started and see what else you can add to it. If you don’t have one paint a background, or doodle on a blank page. Add some color or some words. Don’t forget to add the date.

journal page 12-28-15

Art journal page 12-28-15



Composition book journals

24 Dec

A picture and a poem about my composition book journals.  I hope this will inspire you to cover and create your own composition book journal.


3 composition book journals

3 of my favorite composition book journals.  

You start with a composition book

the black and white marbled kind

or any other notebook,

whatever you can find.

Then decorate the cover,

make it fancy, make it bright.

Make it neat or make it messy

however you do it will be right.

The important thing is to make it yours

tis simply for your pleasure

so  silence your inner critic

and you’ll surely create a treasure.

Then start right in on pages

with colors and papers and stuff.

If you find them a bit too flimsy

glue some together to make them tough.

I like to create borders

with markers or collage

and clip, snip, paint, and paste and glue

ephemera in a barrage.

Doodle and draw to your heart’s content

erase the stress of the day.

Vent or rage or hope and dream

you can even pray.

Your journal can be your own best friend

its always there for you

So don’t forget to spend time with it

You’ll be happy whenever you do.



AlphaPoem 12/16/15

16 Dec

A year or so ago I challenged myself to write an “Alphapoem” every day for a year…well…I didn’t get through the year, but I kept them up for three or four months or so, and now, whenever the mood/muse strikes I write another.  Here’s my Alphapoem for today…why not try one in your journal.

Ever so warm
For December
Going to
Head for a most
Interesting group in
Jersey City
Klausner, Michele and 
Making creativity come
Points of view
Reflecting, respecting,
With words & sounds
Xactly what 
You need for 

Adding color…

16 Dec

Its important to add color to your life wherever you can. I met this adorable pup enjoying a spring like day outside at a local Starbucks. How can you add some color to your life today?IMG_20151215_200950

Let’s face it…

5 Dec


Drawing, painting, or sketching faces is always a challenge for me,  but it’s something I really wanted to do, so here are a few more from my “face-a-day” challenge.  I hope posting them will motivate me to keep drawing, sketching and painting them.  My challenge for you:  look in a mirror and draw a self portrait without looking at the paper or moving the pencil/marker off the page.

FAD Israeli

This was painted over two pages in one of my art journals which is why you see the vertical line.  Below are some quick, easy and fun people-watching sketches.