Rock Crayons Rock!

9 Feb

I found my long lost “rock crayons” (see bottom right corner) and forgot how much fun they were. They look like rocks but work like crayons.  I’ve been playing with lettering and calligraphy again and had to try the crayons. Not their best use I must say, but my grandaughter, Tali, and I had a good time using them along with some stickers and drawing.  You can use the side of small bits of crayons to experiment with lettering and drawing.

Fruit & Flowers by Duk Soon Fwhang

1 Feb

Watermelon Peony Recent paintings 2009-2010

Source: Fruit & Flowers by Duk Soon Fwhang

I love this painting of Watermelon. Makes me want to get back to my Chinese Brush Painting.

Coloring book DIY…

27 Jan

Coloring books for adults have absolutely taken over the bookstore shelves. Who would have believed it…and how come didn’t I think of that?  Why not doodle your own coloring book page. Make it as intricate or simple as you like, and have fun along the way.  All you need is a blank sheet of paper, a black pen or marker and some colored pencils.

blue flower coloring page

Do it yourself coloring page…

The letter K…

15 Jan
Letter K
K is for “knewbie”

I’m practicing calligraphy

with pen and ink and brush,

I find I have to take my time

Can’t  do it in a rush.


“The others are so much better,”

My inner critic shouts

“Oh hush,” I say right back to her

“I need not hear your doubts.”


The challenge is on Instagram

You post a letter a day


Today the letter was K.




Six Word Memoirs…

12 Jan
I’m currently facilitating a Jewish Journaling Workshop at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County in Freehold, NJ.  Today I introduced the group to the book and website   where you write your life story in 6 words.  We had a great time with this.   Today I wrote “Me, myself, wife and grandma twice.”  There is also a section to write 6 words about Jewish Life which fit in very well to the topics covered in our workshop.  I wrote “Lost and found my Jewish Heritage.”  You can also submit your 6 work memoirs online, and I did.   I encourage you to write your 6 word memoirs, and submit them on the site.  You’ll enjoy reading all the others, they are fascinating, moving, fun and even a bit outrageous. My six words of advice:  Be brave and go for it.


7 Jan

Michele’s Mini Museum of Modern Art

I divided my sketchbook pages into small sections and used each one as a mini canvas.  A Flair pen was quick and easy to sketch with, and a wet brush over the lines added an interesting and forgiving touch.  I’ve done a number of these pages and they sure are fun.  I don’t always finish a page in one sitting, but do a sketch here and there when I have a few moments. Sometimes I’ll do a page with a theme. Anyone can do this. It’s fun and it’s easy.  Try creating your own mini museum page and let me know how it goes.


Word “Press” Page…

2 Jan

You don’t have to complete a page when you start it. Sometimes I’ll go back into a page many times before I decide its complete, and then years later I’ll come across it and add something new.  This page is “in the works” … I looked for words that I liked, things that interested me etc., and pasted them down wherever they seemed to fit.  Art Joural Prompt: Try your own Word “Press” Page…just cut ’em out, add some glue, and press.


P.S:  I may decide to write/journal around the words, or I may add more words to fill the page. It’s very freeing and comforting not to have any agenda, rules or expectations.

word page

My word “press” page…in progress.




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