In the beginning

24 Nov

I actually started a blog in 2009 on another site.  I wrote one (and only one) post. I just came across it and thought I’d share it.  Considering there have been 6 years between posts it really made me laugh…


I thought about blogging

And decided to try it…

I’ll write about my art and

I’ll write about my diet

And my works

And my quirks

And how much I like quiet.

I’ll write about loves, life, laughter and loss

And how in a relationship one determines who’s boss…

I’ll write about family and friends and relations

My peers and my fears and my favorite quotations.

I’ll write about writing

And righting some wrongs,

My favorite books and my favorite songs.

I’ll write everyday, or just once in a while

I’ll find my own voice and create my own style.

I’ll encourage you all to blog right along

Since as long as you’re writing

You can’t do it wrong.

Funny Faces

23 Nov
funny face

Just another funny face…

When I got tired of my face-a-day faces I thought I’d have some fun with funny faces. This was fun. Why not have some fun and draw, sketch, collage, paint a funny face of your own.

My face-a-day project

21 Nov

I’ve been trying to draw or sketch a face-a-day and thought I’d post a few, just for fun and to see if that helps motivate me to blog a bit more.  I’ve been going back into my face pages and journaling about whatever comes to mind.


Fall in New Jersey

8 Nov

Sometimes I think Fall is my  favorite season…I don’t think the colors were the most vibrant this year, but they are still so beautiful. Create a journal page, a poem, a song, a story using  Fall as a prompt.


Unusual fall colors…


Prettier in prson…

Getting my blogging mojo on…

6 Nov

I’m here at the Old Bridge Library attending a program about blogging.  I’ve started a couple of blogs over the years but haven’t kept them up….bad me!…so I thought this would help me re-start and get motivated to continue.  I’ve been inspired by my friend, Tia, who’s teaching in Korea and writing a terrific blog, and many of my art friends and associates who also have awesome and inspiring blogs.  I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts, art and ideas…

Create a Great Day!

25 Jun

The Journal Center:

Looks like a fun project…can’t wait to try it.

Originally posted on Niji Creative Collective:

gellipapers Gelli Prints made with Splash Ink

Did you know that Splash Inks are compatible with the Gelli Printing Plate?  Splash Ink is acrylic based and does not harm the Gelli Plate printing surface.
With Splash Ink, you can create any color directly onto the Gelli printing surface or it can be mixed with any brand heavy bodied acrylic paint or medium to create colors and tints without losing color saturation or brilliance. Splash Ink is perfect for creating unique printing effects which call for different paint thicknesses.

Gelli Printing with Splash Ink

Gelli Arts Printing plate in any size
Splash Ink Acrylic Mixing Colors
Cheap acrylic paints
Acrylic Retarding Medium
Small rubber brayer
Rubber Combs, stencils and plastic bubble wrap
Non stick craft sheet
Paper or card stock


Read the instructions on your Gelli Arts Printing plate and lay the printing plate on a non-stick craft sheet.


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Create a Great Day!

25 Jun

Create a Great Day!.


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